​Lab Members

1524912_10201341439205742_590795998_n.jpgCooper Hodges 

Lab Manager, Graduate Student 

Cooper ​is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His primary research interests lie within the realm of functioning neuroimaging, and how this technology can be combined with social psychological concepts, like Self-Determinism Theory, to add a new perspective to ongoing research. 

josh anderson.jpg
Josh Anderson 
Neuroscience Major, Team Leader 

Josh is from Austin, Texas and is a junior studying Neuroscience. He plans to go to a medical school and become a Neurosurgeon. He has a passion for the brain and its functions which was sparked in a high school psychology class. He is interested in how traumatic brain injuries can affect a person's ability to function. 
IMG_9679.jpegKatherine Christensen

Psychology and Spanish Major, Team Leader

Katherine is from Moraga, California. She is very passionate about cognitive psychology, especially regarding issues related to relationships, mental illnesses, and human behavior. Katherine hopes to ultimately become a Marriage and Family Therapist or a Clinical Social Worker. She aspires to one day be able to work with hispanic populations that don’t have access to psychological treatment. 
IMG_2725.jpgTheodore Medling  
Neuroscience Major, Team Leader

Theodore is from southern California and transferred to BYU in January 2016. Growing up, dealing with a close family member's traumatic brain injury spurred his interest in studying and researching neuroscience. Upon graduation in April 2017 with a degree in neuroscience, Theodore hopes to attend medical school and ultimately practice as a primary care phy​sician in a rural area. 
sarah_photo.jpgSarah Kamhout 
Neuroscience Major, Team Leader

Sarah is a Sophomore from Idaho who loves potatoes, Star Wars, and studying the human mind. She is majoring in Neuroscience, minoring in Psychology, and plans on becoming a clinical psychologist. While she loves many aspects of the field, she is especially fascinated by the connections between physical and mental health and hopes to one day incorporate biologically based treatments into her practice.​

IMG_4214.jpegSpencer Clason

Neuroscience Major, Project Leader 

Spencer is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. After a long person history dealing with the effects of multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries he decided to study neuroscience with the goal of becoming a pediatric neurologist. He hopes to help adolescents and families who are suffering from brain injury and mental illness. He is also the co-founder of La Dalia Initiative, a nonprofit organization that supplies clean water filters to rural communities in Nicaragua.

Allison G. Kotter

Psychology Major, Project Leader 

Allison is fascinated with how the brain works and would like to know everything about it someday. She is unsure what exactly she wants to do in psychology, but she is particularly interested in child development and neuropsychology. 

​​ ​IMG_6529.jpg ​ ​
Tia Thomas 
Neuroscience Major, Project Leader 

Tia is majoring in Neuroscience and plans to go to medical school. She hopes to one day be a Neurosurgeon. Currently, she is working in a Molecular and Microbiology Lab on campus examining the role that T-cell receptors can plan in the treatment of disease. Tia is also working on her honors thesis about the interaction between the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids consumed and genes related to attention disorders. She is examining how these factors relate to predictors of inattention in infants.  

​​​​  ​
​ ​11165266_10207027786475941_4719952653826666453_n.jpgScott Miller
Psychology Major 

Scott is from Anderson, Alaska. He enjoys studying about personality changes in individuals after they have had a certain experience and analyzing human behavior, especially within relationships. Scott hopes that one day he will be a Marriage and Family Psychologist or an Addictions Counselor. 
​​ ​IMG_4242.JPGErica Suh 
Psychology Major 

Erica grew up in Los Angeles, California, and aims to attend medical school upon graduation from BYU. She ultimately aspires to become an obstetrician, which was sparked by her interests in the influences of maternal behavior on fetal neurodevelopment, and also hopes to work closely with Doctors without Borders in order to provide medical relief for women and mother/child relations.

yoojin.jpg Yoojin Kim 
Psychology Major

Yoojin is from Seoul, Korea. She is passionate about working with children and hopes to become a school psychologist. Her interests include developmental and cognitive psychology. She hopes to be able to work with minority students as a therapist in a school setting.

Joseph Young neuroscience.jpg
Joseph Young 
Neuroscience Major

12622209_974420962652482_2517013735565760200_o.jpg ​ ​Kahala Thompson
Psychology Major 

Kahala Thompson was born and raised in Sandy, Utah. She served her

mission in the New York, New York mission. She is currently a junior
studying psychology, and going to go into Occupational Therapy. In her
free time she enjoys dancing, playing volleyball and spending time
with her family and friends.

IMG_1766.JPGCourtney Garcia
Psychology Major

Courtney served her mission on the Navajo Reservation, which motivated her to study the brain, addiction, and behavior. She hopes to one day return to the Reservation to help those she loves. She aslo loves fondue, the smell of rain, and Netflix. 

​​Simone.jpgSimone Gysler

Psychology Major 

Simone is Swiss and grew up living in Switzerland, the United States, and Singapore. She is expecially interested in psychopathology and the factors ​contributing to psychological disorders.Her goal is to obtain a PhD in ​Clinical Psychology. ​In the future, she wants to work with children who have psychological disorders and provide therapy to them. ​

Kay Dykman
Neuroscience and French Major

Kay was born in Calgary, Canada but mostly raised in West Lafayette, IN. She is double majoring in Neuroscience and French and will attend a master's program after applying this fall with the goal of becoming a university professor. She loves learning about the mind and how individual perspectives alter the human experience, especially from a linguist's perspective, so ideally her future would incorporate her love of languages and Neuroscience.

Spencer Dykman.jpgSpencer Dykman
Neuroscience Major

Spencer Dykman is from Meridian, Idaho and is currently a senior studying Neuroscience. He is going to dental school at Creighton in Omaha, Nebraska in the fall. Spencer is a social butterfly and easily strikes up conversations with anyone he meets. Spencer got into Neuroscience because he loves learning about how we think, interact, and perceive the world around us. 

2017-02-28 15.47.35.jpg
Ava Dixon
Neuroscience Major

Ava is from Petaluma, California. She is a junior majoring in Neuroscience, and minoring in Psychology. Ava's older brother is autistic and while he is very high-functioning, seeing the way that he thinks differently has inspired her to study cognition and the brain. She also has seen the benefit of research and therapy in the life of her cousin who suffered from a brain tumor and hydrocephalus as a child and has dealt with the lasting effects through adulthood. These experiences have inspired Ava to become a clinical neuropsychologist and work with children and their families to improve their quality of life.

Whitney Allen  
Brenna Leishman

Former Lab Members

​​ ​   

Maggie Andersen Cropped.png

Maggie Andersen 

​Psychology Major

Maggie enjoys psychology because she likes learning about people and how to help them. She is particularly interested in working with children and adolescents, and would one day love to be a therapist.

Suyeon Lee Cropped.png

​Suyeon Lee
Psychology Major

Sara Hansen Cropped.png

​Sara Hansen

​Psychology Major

Sara recently returned from a full-time mission in Guatemala, where she learned her love for psychology and the importance of understanding the brain in order to truly help people. She loves to work with all ages and all types of people and to learn how the brain functions and develops in each of us.


​​Gina 2.PNG      

Gina Brown

Psychology Major

As the mother of 7 children and grandmother of 5, Gina is very interested in how children learn, what motivates them, and what helps them excel. She is fascinated with the ways that genetic and environmental factors influence the way we function in our daily lives. After a successful career as a sales executive, Gina has returned to BYU to pursue her lifelong dream of helping people by pursuing a degree in health psychology. In addition to working in the cognition lab, she is currently conducting primary research on the relationship quality of stepparents and their stepchildren. 


Steven Tolboe

Neuroscience Major

Steven has always been fascinated with the inner-workings of the brain and its influence on each individual’s life experiences.  In particular, his interests include the mystifying mechanics and functions of memory; however, every topic he learns about in class makes him wish that he could go on to study everything about the brain.  


​Jasmine Albers

Psychology Major

Jasmine enjoys working with children and adolescents. She has lots of experience in working with them from tutoring to conducting research and seeing the developmental changes of infants as they grow and learn. Her focus is in health psychology and wanting to help children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with cancer and other serious medical illnesses cope with their situation. This includes looking into possible new techniques and coping strategies that could help these children in their very difficult situation. Understanding how the brain works could unlock new hope for these children!  


Elisabeth Black

Neuroscience Major

Elisabeth is interested in neuroscience because she loves learning about the way the brain works. She finds it interesting that everything we do stems from this small yet incredibly complex organ. Learning about what processes are occurring during any given thought or action solves a tiny bit of the puzzle of the brain. 


Genevieve Pipes

Psychology Major

Genevieve’s interest in psychology came from her intrigue for human behavior, especially the influence of groups on individuals and people’s motivation behind their actions. When she took psychobiology she became fascinated with the study of the brain and its functions, information processing, and memory.  When she is not studying psychology she is absorbed in everything to do with the Spanish culture. She also loves babies!  

Kyle Siddoway.jpg

​Kyle Siddoway

​Psychology Major

Kyle has always had a natural interest in psychology. His interest stems from his desire to understand why people behave the way that they do in a given situation. He is especially interested in the brain and how it develops and changes over the course of a lifetime. When he is not stud ying psychology, he loves being outside and playing sports.


Calvin Simmons

Psychology Major

Although Calvin is unsure where he will go in psychology, he enjoys neuropsychology and cognition.  He enjoys studying how the mind works and is fascinated about how we can come to understand thoughts and thought processes.


Jesse Rhodes

Psychology Major

Ever since psychology classes in high school, Jesse has been interested in the why people do the things they do.  He enjoys learning memorization techniques and trying to create new ones. He is especially interested in how people find things they have lost. Motivation and memorization are special topics of interest for Jesse. He plans on seeking a PhD in clinical psychology.

Allie Larmouth

Psychology Major

Allie is majoring in psychology and plans to get her PhD in Clinical Psychology.  She is mainly interested in abnormal psychology, but she is also interested in learning more about cognitive development and neuropsychology.  After graduating, Allie plans to work with children in a mental hospital and perhaps do research at a university.

​Nathan Tubbs

Psychology Major

Nathan Tubbs is from Provo, UT. He loves sports. It's been his dream to go to BYU since he was little and he enjoys being a psychology major!

Lilly Bautista​

Psychology Major 

Lilly is from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her passion lies on the basis of understanding the human mind and behavior. She wants to work in the field of mental illnesses and is aspiring to become either an occupational therapist or neuropsychologist. She loves research! In the future, she hopes to conduct further research about the biological roots of psychotic disorders. She's also minoring in non-profit management and hopes to establish her own non-profit organization that would aid in providing educational resources for underprivileged students. 


Evelyn Munoz

​Psychology Major

I can't decide what I'm most interested in doing with my life so I'm defaulting to good old-fashioned trial-and-error. What I do know is that, of all the many wonders on this planet, human beings are the most fascinating and understanding the human mind is a worthwhile endeavor. I'm from Mexico, Houston, and Philadelphia. Fun fact: English is my second language.


​Thomas White

Psychology Major 

Thomas enjoys psychology because he loves learning about how thought processes affect human behavior and especially in the development of abnormal behaviors. Aside from school, Thomas enjoys exercising, traveling abroad, and experiencing new cultures.

Bio pic.jpeg

Jordan Sgro

Psychology Major

Jordan has a passion for the science of psychology and is interested in a variety of aspects.  Most specifically, she is interested in furthering the literature about addiction and eating disorders.  She plans to pursue a Clinical Psychology PhD, after which to hold her own therapy practice and to teach at a University where she will be able to continue doing research.​​​​

SheralynReid.jpgSheralyn Reid 

Psychology Major

Sheralyn is the oldest of four girls and was raised in Provo. She was married in August. Sheralyn is fascinated with children and their development and hope to someday work with children either as a therapist or social worker. 

Erin Kaseda

Neuroscience Major

Erin is passionate about neuroscience, psychology, and theatre and loves finding connections within these three fields, particularly in regards to the therapeutic power of the arts. She plans of pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology and hopes to work with abused and disadvantaged children.

Rachel-04a.jpg​​​Rachel Nuttall​

Neuroscience Major

Rachel is studying Neuroscience. She would like to pursue a career and a P.h.D. in either Neuroscience, Psychology, or Special Education and hopes to find new ways to beth improve society's understanding about the brain and use that understanding to improve lives. She enjoys singing, running, playing tennis, and trying new things. 

Megan Mortensen
Psychology Major

 Megan is passionate about the field of psychology as a means of helping people live happy and healthy lives.  She is excited to be working in the Development of Visual Cognition Lab, as it affords a unique opportunity to work with infants in a research setting. Megan hopes to graduate from BYU with a degree in psychology and then go on to to receive a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work or a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

New Pic.jpgMatthew Mitchell

Neuroscience Major

I'm a neuroscience student. I love exploring and trying to understand the major complexities of the brain along with why and how the brain functions as it does. I'm also a premed student and am planning on going into pediatric medicine.

IMG_0126.JPGKristen Williams

​Psychology Major

Kristen  is from Provo, Utah. She loves psychology and learning about human behavior. She hopes to recieve her Master's degree in Social Work and to use her education to help others. She hopes to either work with adults with addiction problems or abused children. 

Curt Bateman neuroscience.jpg​​Curt Bateman
Neuroscience Major 

Curt is a Neuroscience major at BYU, minoring in Chemistry. He enjoys studying the brain and how it develops through experience. He wants to go to graduate school and enter into the field of research, particularly studying the effects of drugs on the brain.​
Gavin Chatterley.pngGavin Chatterley
Psychology Major 

Gavin is a Psychology major from Sandy, Utah.  He enjoys participating in a diverse array of research and service opportunities.  His goal is to earn his MSW from a clinically-focused program and spend his life helping individuals navigate through personal difficulties and challenges.  He also enjoys writing fiction and playing the piano.
profile.jpgRobert Emery

Psychology Major

Robert is studying psychology with the plan to become a therapist. He is most interested in working with PTSD and anxiety, but enjoys exploring all areas of psychology. Robert switched into this field from another major because he wanted a career that allowed him to help people become healthier and happier. Robert also enjoys studying German and has almost completed his minor in German.​​

Laura Allred.jpgLaura Allred Nielsen 

 Psychology Major

From Colorado and is a current student at BYU studying Psychology in her senior year.  She wants to become a psychologist and work dominantly with the military and their families.​

Taylor Bayles 

Team Leader

Taylor is a psychology major at BYU with intentions of pursuing an PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology. His interests generally include cognitive and neuropsychological recovery in patients with intractable Anorexia.​​

IMG_4624.jpegRebekah Ehlert 
Psychology Major 

Rebekah is from Minnesota and loves traveling, spending time outdoors and learning about new aspects of the brain. She is a junior majoring in psychology, with plans to pursue a degree in pediatric neuropsychology. Research that involves FASD, memory, cognitive development, and autism interests her.
unnamed.jpgTyson Wade 
​Psychology Major, Team Leader

Tyson is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in psychology, with aspirations to obtain a PhD in Organizational Psychology. He is interested in several aspects of the field, but is particularly passionate about motivation and how it can be used in applied settings. Outside of school and education, he enjoys sports, exercise, and the outdoors.

Mandy Koci.jpgMandy Koci 
​Psychology Major

Mandy is very passionate about the abnormal side of psychology and all of the many factors to contribute to the different psychopathology cases. The different ways that cognition, neuroscience, and biology come into play with abnormal behavior are also main interests. Mandy plans to further her work by obtaining a PhD in Clinical Psychology where she plans to provide therapy to individuals with severe mental illness, especially Schizophrenia. She also plans to further the research in the many topics of abnormal psychology.

IMG_0801.JPGKasidee Perkins
Psychology Major

Kasidee is a Senior from Cedar City, Utah. She is passionate about and fascinated by the brain, especially it's ability to recover after damage. She plans to go to Occupational Therapy school and one day open her own practice.
14566221_10154183639259331_517778988222182462_o.jpgLexis Pearson
Psychology Major 

Lexis developed her love for psychology while serving a mission in Colorado.  She is from Hillsboro, Oregon, where she does internships at Intel during the summer. She is interested in what happens to the brain when someone is dealing with mental illnesses. She is also minoring in Computer Science. Lexis is interested in motivation and wants to get an MBA with the hope to eventually work in management.
David Ortiz neuroscience.jpgDavid Ortiz 
Neuroscience Major